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At Hill Window Cleaning we use the latest cutting-edge technology in gutter cleaning. Similar to the Reach and Wash System used for window cleaning, with highly powerful vacuums to remove all the build-up of dirt, moss, leaves, and plant growth from your gutters, we are able to clean gutters from ground level, meaning safe, efficient gutter cleaning. We can also include video inspection to demonstrate that our team has completed the job to the highest quality. How often should I get my gutters cleaned? This depends very much on your property's surroundings, weather factors, and age of the building. Properties surrounded by overhanging trees, especially pine trees, or with moss growth, should be checked frequently, especially after bad weather, to ensure gutters are free from fallen debris. Ideally, properties should be checked in the autumn, after the leaves have fallen, to ensure they are in perfect condition and free-flowing for the heavy rain, snow and ice that the winter brings. When spring arrives, it is worth having them checked again, just to ensure that they have not been damaged during the winter and that any residual biodegraded leaves and moss, have been removed to prevent the growth of grass or weeds. How do I know my gutters are clogged? For a quick visual, next time it rains, get an umbrella and give your gutters a visual health check. Are they overflowing, leaking, or sagging, or is there water running down the side of the building? Any of these factors could indicate an issue with the guttering. 

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